Last week, reports emerged that the new AdWords interface was hitting some accounts. This came as a surprise, given we weren’t expecting the redesign to roll out until some point next year. However, Google itself has confirmed the news. The new AdWords interface is indeed rolling out and every account should see the refresh over the next few months.


AdWords finally gets a redesign

When Google first announced AdWords would be getting a design overhaul in March, the general reaction was it’s about bloody time. It’s the first visual makeover AdWords has been treated to since 2008, leaving it way behind Google’s other (regularly updated) platforms.

Finally, this is all about to change now that the much-anticipated redesign rolls out.


You may find your account has already been upgraded – in which case, you’ll see something along the lines of this:


If you’re still getting the old skin, you should see the change come into effect at some point over the next few months.


AdWords for a mobile-first world

The update isn’t simply a visual overhaul of the AdWords interface; it’s a redesign of the entire platform for a mobile-first approach to advertising. While Google’s other products have undergone drastic redesigns for the mobile age, AdWords has been lagging behind. The new interface provides better access to concise data on your account, campaigns and ad groups.

The refresh adds to what’s already been a busy summer for AdWords updates – including the new device bid modifiers, expanded text ads and responsive display ads.


Has the redesign already rolled out to your account? If so, then be sure to let us know and give us your thoughts in the refresh.