Google is on a serious mission to make itself the ultimate selling tool for eCommerce brands. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen bundles of new features, products and experiences added to the Google Shopping system and the search giant isn’t done yet.

Now it’s teaming up with some of the biggest names in eCommerce – PrestaShop, Magento and BigCommerce – to make it easier than ever to sell products this holiday season.


Google teams up with leading eCommerce players

Google hasn’t picked some random names out of the hat with these partnership choices. It’s chosen three of the biggest names in eCommerce platforms and timed the move perfectly. While Facebook continues to integrate with Shopify as its major eCommerce collaboration, Google is spreading its ties further afield.

According to Datanyze, Shopify’s market share is currently 6.84% (based on the Alexa top 1M):


Meanwhile, based on the same data, Prestashop (4.05%), Magento (8.8%) and BigCommerce (3.2%) add up to a healthy 16.05% of the overall market share. This marks an impressive set of partnerships for Google as it fights to beat Facebook in the online retail battle. Not only is it working with a larger chunk of the market share, it’s also diversifying its partnerships with more than one platform.


All of this is great for Google, of course, but it only helps you if you’re using PrestaShop, Magento or BigCommerce to host your online store. So what do you get out of these partnerships if you’re signed up to one of the three?


Google promises insanely fast shopping campaigns

Unsurprising, this all comes down to advertising and it’s Google Shopping campaigns that reap the benefits. Google says PrestaShop, Magento and BigCommerce users will now be able to get these campaigns up and running “in just a few clicks”.


Basically, what’s happening here is a data exchange between the eCommerce platforms and your Merchant Center account. So your product information can be uploaded almost instantly and you’re ready to start targeting consumers.

Google says the new integrations mean you can do the following:



  • Find new customers, right where they’re searching. Connect your products to the customers who matter most — the ones searching for what you sell.
  • Easily display your rich product imagery and details. Put your product images, price, and other differentiators front and center, so that searching shoppers can easily find you.
  • Get up and running quickly, minimizing your holiday workload. Use the product information you’ve already entered in your ecommerce platform without needing to submit this information separately to Google.
  • Showcase your newest inventory. Roll out new products to Google Shopping, simply by adding products to your ecommerce store.

*Bullet points quoted directly from the relevant AdWords blog post.


In truth, those four points basically point to the same thing: setting up shopping campaigns just got a whole lot faster on these three platforms. However, the message Google wants to get out is that this is a big deal for retailers who are just about to get set up for the coming holiday season.

If we’re perfectly honest, we’d have liked to see this announcement come a little earlier in the year. While it’s not too late to get things in shape for Christmas, the end of October is pushing things – especially for big retailers with a lot of stock/campaigns to organise. Sure, these partnerships will cut out a lot of the workload for retailers using these platforms, but it’s a little late for those who started manually setting up their campaigns in September.

Our only other question at this stage is: what about WooCommerce? Google and Facebook are clearly putting their eCommerce battle plans into action, yet both appear to be neglecting the most popular platform by far (WooCommerce has 26.55% of the market share).

It’ll be interesting to see if any of the key advertisers snap up WooCommerce as a partner. Amazon is already there in terms of integrating payments so could we see that relationship intensify as Amazon delves further into online ads?


If you have any thoughts or questions about Google’s partnerships with PrestaShop, Magento and BigCommerce, reach out to us on social. Or if you need any help setting up your shopping campaigns for the holiday season, speak to one of our campaign experts by filling out the form below or giving us a call.