Google is testing a number of variations to its existing collection of ad extensions – the latest of which shows sitelinks with images. The new format looks a lot like the swipeable card redesign to price extensions we introduced last week. Except for the notable addition of images in the new-look sitelinks, of course.

Unlike the price extensions redesign, this is only a test for now and there are also reports of a similar card layout without images having been tested. But instead of trying to explain the new design concept in words lets take a look at what’s been going on with sitelink extensions recently.


Sitelink extensions with images

So a few advertisers have been sharing screenshots of ads with sitelink extensions. And, rather than keep you in suspense, here’s what stelinks with images look like:



Of course, those images aren’t exactly inspiring. But, if the change goes live, you’ll presumably be able to place your own images in each sitelink to attract more clicks. Aside from the images themselves the format is pretty much the same as the price extensions update – so perhaps this is something we’ll see trialled with more extensions in the future.

The cards certainly make extensions more prominent and ads bigger, which is great news if you’re sitting at the top of the deck with these extensions showing. Although it’s not such a welcome idea for ads further down the pack or organic results that are sitting there praying for clicks.

Barry Schwartz over at SEO Roundtable also posted images of sitelinks in a sort of card format, but without the pictures:


To be honest, though, that just looks like Google’s developers were halfway through the coding process and pressed the live button by mistake. As for the image approach, it certainly makes sitelinks pop out and grab your attention so it will be interesting to see if this test results in a live update in the near future.