With the Christmas shopping period officially here, Google wants to let you in on some secrets about shopping habits at this time of year. The search giant feels pretty confident about predicting how consumers will shop over the holiday period, when they buy and even what they’ll be purchasing.

So let’s take a look at the latest round of festive insights from Google.


Black Friday not the biggest day for most retailers

With all the hype around Black Friday these days, it’s easy to get caught up thinking it’s the most important day of the year for retailers. However, Google data suggests this may not be the case for ost stores:


*Source: Think with Google


As you can see, only two out of the six store categories in the graphic above get the most store visits on Black Friday. For Shopping Malls, Department Stores and Superstores/Discount, the biggest day of the year is still the last Saturday before Christmas.

Meanwhile, Dollar Stores (the equivalent of Poundland we assume) get equal visits on the last Saturday before Christmas and Christmas Eve.


Women purchase early, men play the waiting game

If you’re in need of some gender targeting advice this year, Google has proof women are more organised than men when it comes to Christmas shopping. Women are more likely to purchase early on in the run up to Christmas while men bide their time for an extra stressful last few days before Christmas.


*Source: AdWords blog

As Google puts it: “Women drive the mobile web, searching for and buying products at twice the rate of men throughout the entire holiday season. The week of Christmas, however, men are more likely to complete their mobile purchases.”


Everyone wants Nintendo and Hatchimals this year

Unsurprisingly, it’s kid’s toys that are dominating the festive search volumes as Christmas looms. Nintendo’s upcoming Switch release and classic NES revamp have captured the attention of gamers young and old ahead of Santa’s big visit.

Meanwhile, Hatchimals are these grotesquely coloured fluffy toys that hatch out of glittery eggs. Lovely.

Other key names on the list of top searches include “Sony ps4 pro”, “Pokémon”, “Trolls” and pretty much all the in-demand kid’s stuff – so stock up and promote like mad if you’re in the toys and games business.


And finally

If you happen to be targeting the fine region of New England somewhere in your online advertising efforts, Google has a really important announcement for you. It turns out New Englanders really like a good deal on their shopping goods (unlike the rest of us apparently).

So keep this this in mind if you’re targeting the wonderful – albeit slightly unique – folk from New England states this Christmas.


For more Google insights on what shoppers will be up to this holiday season, give our post on ‘Supershoppers’ another look. And we’ll be back with more festive marketing tips as the countdown to Christmas continues.