While the concept of social commerce is nothing new, the results so far has been pretty underwhelming. Sure, you can generate valuable leads from all of the major networks but that’s not quite the vision we had in mind.

We want people buying products and signing up to services from inside the major social apps – without getting lost between your social content and website. We want a seamless shopping experience integrated into social networking without the unnecessary barriers of websites, contact forms and payment confirmations.

Sure, that’s asking a lot but it seems the wait could be over. Facebook’s latest set of consumer features mean 2017 could finally be the year of social commerce – and here’s how Facebook is going to dominate it.


Facebook leading the chatbot revolution

Okay, so the jury’s still out on whether chatbots will be the biggest thing in marketing next year or a forgotten fad by June. One thing is clear, though: if chatbots do take off, Facebook will be leading the race.


Tons of retailers, service providers and other business types are already signed up and running their own bots inside Facebook Messenger. The best of them really do make the consumer process seamless, with Dutch airline KLM offering a fine example of how things can work.


*Source: KLM via the Verge

Anyone booking through KLM will now get confirmation via Messenger and live updates on flight statuses. So you’ll get a message when check-in opens and you can collect your digital boarding pass from inside Messenger – ideal if you’re only carrying hand luggage. Any delays, gate changes or other updates will ping in your pocket and you can reach out to customer support for things like changing your seat or other requests.

This is just one example of hoe chatbots are going to enhance the customer experience. And, at the rate Facebook is moving at, it won’t be long before people are booking their tickets from inside Messenger too.

Speaking of which.


More conversions coming to Facebook