If you’ve used AdWords in the past and been unconvinced by it, you’re not alone. We’ve had countless clients come to us with unworkable AdWords accounts, asking us to put things right. We also come across a lot of business owners who simply gave up on AdWords after being disappointed with the results.

We’re not ones to give Google unnecessary credit or gloss over the challenges with advertising on AdWords. That said, if you’ve tried AdWords and written it off in the past, now might be a good time to give it another look.

Here’s why.


Why did you give up AdWords in the first place?

The points we’re covering in this article are particularly relevant if you tried your hands at AdWords around five years ago or earlier (2012 or before). PPC was a very different game back then and there were plenty of understandable reasons to turn your back on it:


  • It was hard to find a decent agency/advertiser
  • It was too time-consuming to learn and manage yourself
  • It was too expensive
  • SEO and social media marketing worked just fine


Those are all


The ads are taking over

The main reason we suggest taking another look at AdWords if you’ve given it up in the past is because you don’t really have much choice. Organic results are falling further down the page every year as Google ads take centre stage and this is only going to continue. The outlook is even more bleak on mobile and we know this is the search provider’s priority.

This doesn’t mean SEO is dead but it’s increasingly difficult to rely on “free” sources of traffic alone. The same thing is happening on all the major social networks and, one way or another, paid traffic is the only way to hit the kind of numbers you need.

We’re not saying we’re happy about the direction Google and the other tech giants are going, but this is the reality. It’s not all bad news though!


It’s easier to get results on AdWords now

If you struggled to get any kind of results on AdWords in the past then this will be the most important change over the last few years. It’s not so much that AdWords is any easier now, but rather it’s more effective at getting results – mostly thanks to the range of targeting options Google has developed over the last half decade.

Go back five years and you had to work much harder to pinpoint specific users and buying intents. Whereas now, you can really hone in on people who are ready to buy now, want to compare products or simply get some buying advice. AdWords targeting allows you to reach people at these different stages of the buying process and bring them closer to your brand.

It’s not just AdWords targeting but also the ads themselves that are more effective now too. New ad formats and extensions designed to attract more clicks have made Google’s advertising platform an all-inclusive experience that users engage with on a daily basis.

All of this essentially means one thing: AdWords generates a greater number of clicks from people with more reason to buy into your business than it ever has done. More leads, higher conversions and better ROI on your ad spend.


Finding a decent agency is much easier now

Five years ago it was a bit of a nightmare finding a decent agency to handle anything for your online business. Thankfully, things are very different now. We’ve made it through the days of black-hat SEO and rogue PPC advertisers to a point marketing standards are at an incredibly high standard across the board.

Sure, there are still agencies and advertisers out there that might sting you, but things are nowhere near as bad they were pre-2012. Dodgy agencies tend to be found out quite quickly in the days of social media and reviews so you can choose an agency with quite a lot of confidence now.


What are the main problems with AdWords these days?

As we say, this article isn’t meant to hype up Google or AdWords – we just want to explain some important changes to it and its place within marketing in general. But what are the main problems that still exist with AdWords and what about any new challenges that might have developed over the years?


The free ride is over

The worst thing about AdWords, social media and every other marketing channel is that the free ride is over. SEO can’t do it alone anymore and neither can social media marketing without paid ads. The tech giants want their cut and that’s just the way it’s going to be from here on in.


There’s still not enough competition

While there far more solid competition in paid advertising than there was five years ago, it’s still not enough to break the dominance of Google and a select few other names. Worse still, all signs point towards a very near future where the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and the names we all now pretty much dominate the entire web via their AI personal assistants and and other closed-wall platforms.