It’s that time of year when the AdWords changes all seem to come at once. So today we’re jumping right in with a quick roundup of the latest developments and new features to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

There are four new features and one announcement/reminder about something Google is calling “the most powerful change we’ve made” in more than 15 years.

Let’s crack on.


Maximise Conversions with Smart Bidding


Maximise Conversions is a new addition to AdWords Smart Bidding strategies. Smart Bidding is a collection of automated bidding strategies that use machine learning to optimise your bids for certain goals. Target CPA, Target ROAS, Enhanced CPC (ECPC) and now Maximise Conversions are all Smart Bidding strategies.

As you can probably guess, the aim of this new addition is to adjust your bids throughout the day in order to maximise conversions. Here’s a little info from Google:


“For example, if you’re a clothing retailer trying to quickly sell last season’s styles, Maximize Conversions will help you get you the most number of sales from your existing budget by factoring signals like remarketing lists, time of day, browser and operating system into bids. Smart Bidding uses Google’s machine learning technology to optimize for conversions across every ad auction”Inside AdWords.


For more info on Maximise Conversions bidding and why Google thinks you might want to use it, head over to AdWords Help.


Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 coming to AdWords

Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 are two of the tech firm’s leading enterprise tools for improving website performance – and both are getting AdWords integration. Google Optimize is essentially an A/B testing tool and its integration with AdWords focuses on landing page optimisation – no surprises there. But the exciting thing about Google Optimize is it brings personalisation to the AdWords interface, meaning you don’t need to sign-up to a third-party tool.


“Suppose a hotel wants to improve its landing page for the keyword family friendly hotels. Using Optimize, the hotel can create and test a new variation of the landing page, one that features an image of a family enjoying themselves at the hotel pool, instead of a generic image of the hotel exterior.” Inside AdWords


Google Surveys 360 is a paid platform that allows you to pit your questions to a pool of 15 million real people. It’s already integrated with Google Analytics 360 and now it’s coming to AdWords, too. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for the integration here in the UK but we’ll be sure to update you when the UK rollout is announced/confirmed.


Ads Data Hub

Back in January, Google announced a new cloud-based data system for measuring for YouTube across multiple devices. However, now we’re being told this platform has evolved into something called Ads Data Hub, which has now entered beta – and it’s not only a tool for YouTube anymore.


“We are also announcing that Ads Data Hub is a solution not just for YouTube, but a tool that offers access to more data and helps unlock actionable insights across Google ad platforms, including the Google Display Network and DoubleClick. And with Ads Data Hub now in beta, we’re expanding who can use it.” Inside AdWords


Ads Data Hub pulls data in from multiple sources, including BigQuery and CRM systems to help advertisers map out the consumer journey across different devices. Once again, you can get more information from the Inside AdWords blog.


Google Attribution

Google Attribution aims to make it easier for marketers and advertisers to monitor interactions across multiple channels, devices and interactions. The idea is to move away from the last-click attribution model and replace it with a more intricate system that combines data from AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick Search and other marketing channels.

For example, when a user clicks your ad but doesn’t convert, Google Attribution will help you distinguish between the leads who come back to interact with your brand again in the future and those who don’t.

For a more in-depth look at Google Attribution and how it fits into the rest of your platforms, there’s a good explanation over at Search Engine Land that goes into more detail.


New AdWords experience by the end of this year

Finally, Google has confirmed that “the new AdWords experience” will be rolling out to all advertisers by the end of this year. Essentially, this is the great AdWords redesign that so many advertisers are still waiting to see and Google I calling this “the most powerful change we’ve made to how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns in over 15 years”.

The redesign is far more than a visual makeover. Google has completely overhauled the AdWords infrastructure to make the most important data easier to access and faster to interpret, compare and use for actionable improvements.

You may already have the new experience but most advertisers appear to be waiting still. The good news is this should roll out to all accounts by the end of 2017.


That’s it for our AdWords roundup, but with all the changes and new features rolling out right now we could be back with another one soon. So keep an eye out for our social updates as we bring the latest PPC and marketing developments to your fingertips.