As part of Snapchat’s effort to establish itself as a key name in online advertising, the social network is making it easier for smaller businesses to get in on the action. Last month, Snapchat announced its new Ad Manager tool and now it’s finally here – with a self-serve publishing tool that makes advertising easier and cheaper for SMEs.

This is a pretty big deal if you’ve been tempted by the idea of advertising on Snapchat, but feel put off by the challenge and cost of getting things started. Let’s take a closer look at how Snapchat’s new Ad Manager might solve these problems.

Snapchat targets smaller businesses

Snapchat Ad Manager


Until now, advertising on Snapchat meant you had to go through its sales team and use third-party ad tools to create and manage campaigns – most of which you have to pay for. Well, not any more. Now all you have to do to get started is fill out a short online form and use Ad Manager to create ads and manage your campaigns (at no cost).

The idea is that smaller businesses can sign up, create their own ads and manage campaigns themselves, if need be. So, even if they’re priced out of hiring a specialist team to manage advertising for them, Snapchat ads will still be accessible.

Snap Publisher makes it possible to create ads in a matter of moments without the need for any specialist software.

Snap Publisher


From Snapchat’s perspective, targeting smaller businesses is a cunning move. The network (not that it likes being called a network) came relatively late to the advertising game and it needs to find a way to compete against Google and Facebook. Interestingly, it seems to have singled out smaller businesses – who are often frustrated by the cost and complexity of advertising – as a potential niche.


Will this be enough to convince SMEs?

It’s always good to see advertising made more accessible to smaller businesses and we’d love to see more competition at this end of the market. So, fingers crossed, Snapchat can make something of this and the likes of Facebook and Google might feel the need to offer more options for SMEs.

That said, there’s a limit to how much Snapchat can do with Ad Manager. Snap Publisher looks like a great tool and it could potentially reduce the overall cost for advertisers. Unfortunately, it won’t help SMEs produce the kind of video they need to engage people on Snapchat. Likewise, it’s not going to do much for strategy or account optimisation, which are also barriers to many smaller businesses. These are much harder challenges to address.


It’ll be interesting to see where Snapchat goes from here. If it really wants to crack the SME end of the market, Ad Manager probably won’t be enough – which means there could be more to come from the tech firm with smaller businesses in mind. Stay tuned!