Back in November 2016, Facebook introduced Creative Hub, a place for advertisers and collaborators to work on campaigns more effectively. Essentially, it’s designed to make it easier for teams to create ads for mobile – particularly the kind of multimedia ads it takes to run engaging Facebook campaigns.

Now Facebook is announcing two new features for Creative Hub that promise to make the ad creation and testing process even easier for advertisers and creative teams. Here’s what’s coming up.

New test and optimisation tools

Facebook is testing a new suite of tools to help you optimise your campaigns. Once you’ve mocked up your ad, you can then test your creative and get a “snapshot” of metrics to get an idea of how it will perform on mobile. You’ll also be able to get feedback from real users before optimising your creative and then finally sending it live.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about this:


“Advertisers are still learning exactly what will and won’t work for them when trying to capture attention on mobile—so experimentation is a vital part of the creative process. These new tools will let you test your ad creative and get actionable insights based on results from real users.

Our first tool in this set will provide a snapshot of video results, giving advertisers the insights they need to optimize their creative based on real metrics. For advertisers interested in effective storytelling, testing video creative is the best way to make sure it’s perfect for mobile feed.”Facebook Business

So that’s the new suite of testing and optimisation tools you can look forward too, but tat’s not all.

Deliver your ads directly from Creative Hub

This next feature is already available and it makes working with Creative Hub incredibly more productive. The platform is already getting a lot of praise from advertisers but it kind of slows down the creative process by adding another tool into the mix – one that could potentially need to be used between various members of a team.

To fix this problem, Facebook has tweaked the platform so that you can now deliver mocked-up ads directly from Creative Hub.

“Creative teams are responsible for flawlessly delivering final assets to their media partners. This new feature allows them to mock up and deliver complete Facebook and Instagram ads to media agencies using a single tool.

This feature improves teamwork between media and creative groups and reduces the steps needed to deliver final assets (say goodbye to zipped files and emails). The result is a low friction experience with less room for error. Advertisers can deliver their final work—no rebuilding required—and simply click to publish.” Facebook Business

Let’s say you’re working on an important video ad campaign. You could have video production agency working alongside your advertising team, bouncing back different video edits to get the best results. This is where using a tool like Creative Hub can be time-consuming, once you have to recreate different mock-ups, test them all and gradually move towards your final ad.

With Creative Hub, you don’t need to work like this anymore. No more sending zip files with media files and code snippets – instead, you can update and deliver your creatives in real-time, directly from the platform.

Great news.