You might notice ads in Google Search look a little bit different this week. Earlier this week, Google announced three ad extensions would be getting the makeover treatment – and the changes are already live.

The most drastic changes are to sitelink extensions, which are now horizontally swipeable on mobile. Callouts and snippets have also been tweaked to make them more readable, as Google fine tunes its collection of ad extensions.

Swipeable callouts

The most obvious change is to how Google shows sitelinks on your ads. The new version puts a horizontal list of links that users can swipe through and click on mobile. And, for old time’s sake, here’s a reminder of what sitelinks looked like before this week:

Google says users are twice as likely to interact with your sitelinks in this new format. We’ll have to trust the search giant on that one until we’ve got any data of our own. They certainly look prettier than the older version but they do hide sitelinks off the screen, which doesn’t seem like the most obvious UX choice.

Prioritising where your sitelinks go in this new format could be important.

Callouts and snippets are now more readable

Callouts and structured snippets give users more information about your business offer. From opening times, to discounts and delivery policy – or anything else you think might encourage people to click – these extensions can make all the difference.

Now, it turns out Google wants to make them more readable by placing them in-line with your ad copy. This means more of your callouts and snippets will be able to show on your ad in this space-efficient adjustment.

Google hasn’t given us a preview of what this looks like, but promises users found the new format more informative and engaging during tests.

For more information on these extensions, you can visit the AdWords Blog, and we’ll be back with more PPC news soon.