Facebook says is working on a system to stop advertisers paying for accidental ad clicks. This is something every advertiser can relate to; the frustration of knowing valuable budget is getting eaten up by users who never intend to click your ad.

No matter how good your ads may be – or how stealthy your targeting choices are – you can’t please everyone. And, sadly, accidental clicks from uninterested users still hit you in the pocket.

Expect Facebook is now taking measures to prevent this from happening on the Audience Network.


Facebook using bounce backs to nullify accidental clicks

Facebook’s solution to accidental clicks is a simple but effective one. The network will discount the cost of clicks when users bounce back after two seconds or less. This means you’ll no longer pay for accidental clicks when users hit the back button right away.

You have to say two seconds is a pretty generous threshold, although Facebook Product Marketing Manager, Brett Vogel, says this could change in the future.

Again, this only applies to Facebook ads on the Audience Network – not in the News Feed. At this stage, there’s no indication anything similar will be rolled out for ads outside the Audience Network but we’ll be keeping an eye out for new developments.


More bad news for publishers?

While Facebook tackling accidental clicks on the Audience Network is good news for advertisers, there is one camp that might not be quite so happy about it. Publishers make their money from those clicks and missing out will hit them in the pocket. However, Brett Vogel is confident quality publishers have nothing to worry about.


“Unintentional clicks end up delivering really poor experiences for people and advertisers. It’s not a good path for publishers to build sustainable businesses.” – Brett Vogel, Facebook Product Marketing Manager


Vogel also reiterates that the initial two-second threshold is a starting point that could change in the future. If Facebook decides it should be extended, then it could happen. Or, more likely, it will be reduced to minimise the impact on revenue loss for publishers and the network itself.


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