Google has rolled out auto-play videos in mobile search results for Android devices. The tech giant announced the new feature on Friday, which aims to help users find relevant video content faster.

Google says the implementation is a natural progression from text snippets in search results. The goal is to give users a preview of what they’ll be clicking on before they take the incentive.

Auto-play videos in Google Search

Preview is the key word here, too. Users get a short preview of what to expect from any video listing they click on. There’s no audio and these previews will only play when users are connected to WiFi, so they won’t be wasting precious data on unwanted clips.

So the implementation doesn’t have any real negative impact on user experience – one of our main concerns when news of this feature first started circulating.

Google’s reason for introducing auto-play videos is pretty sound as well.


Helping users click the right video link

The problem Google’s tackling with this feature is that, previously, users were clicking video results blind. All they had to judge the relevance of video listings was a title and thumbnail image, which isn’t a lot.

With regular text results, users get a snippet to give them more context about the result they’re clicking and Google wants to bring a similar experience to video results.

“These text snippets help give you a snapshot of the site’s content, making it easier to decide whether you’d like to click through to read more. For videos, we have traditionally shown a static image thumbnail in search results. But as more information moves to video, we’re working on new ways to give you useful glimpses, helping you quickly find what you’re looking for across video, too.”Google Blog

Google says auto-play videos will be rolling out more widely this week, so keep an eye out for them. And be sure to keep an eye out for more news from us on our social media accounts and the Hot Click Blog.