Google has rolled out a new mobile landing page tool, designed to help you get better performance from your campaigns with mobile users. Poor landing pages are a guaranteed conversion killer on any device but the demands from mobile devices and internet connection are a little more strict than their desktop counterparts.

So Google is introducing a fresh “Landing Pages” tool, which you’ll see in the new AdWords interface (you may not have the new interface yet).

Making landing pages more mobile-friendly

You’ll find the new Landing Pages tool in the left-hand menu of the new AdWords interface. Once you click on the tab, you’ll see a list of URLs for your landing pages:

Credit: Inside AdWords

From here you can see how mobile-friendly each of your landing pages are, how many clicks they generate and where you need to improve performance the most. For example, landing pages with high click rates and low mobile-friendly scores will be the best place to start with optimising your landing pages for mobile.

In the image above, you’ll also see a metric labelled as Mobile-friendly Click Rate. This is the percentage of mobile clicks that then go to a mobile-friendly page. The idea is to help you improve the mobile experience beyond the first click on your site. Because, let’s face it, most users don’t convert within the first click on your landing page.


Test your landing pages for mobile friendliness

Once you’ve identified a landing page that needs optimising for mobile, you can run it through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Simply click to run a test and AdWords will automatically open the tool (no need to do it in Webmaster Tools). Then you’ll get feedback on the mobile friendliness of your page and instructions on how to improve performance.

As always, Google’s idea of a mobile-friendly page isn’t necessarily what your users need/expect. In fairness, Google has significantly raised the bar with its mobile-friendly requirements over the last few years, but remember it’s your users you need to impress – not the techies at Google.