Google has introduced a new tool in the latest AdWords interface to help you spot emerging search trends. As the competition heats up on existing keywords, the ability to seize new search trends – as they happen – becomes all the more important. And Google has designed a tool to make this easier than ever.

The new “Searches card” has been around for about a month but Google is only announcing the feature now. If you haven’t got the new AdWords interface yet, you’ll have to wait a little longer to get the tool yourself, but here’s a quick preview of what to expect.

Introducing the “Searches card”

You’ll find the Searches card in the Overview dash of the new AdWords interface. The tool tells you which keywords users are typing to find your site, highlighting any potential keywords opportunities you might have missed. More importantly, though, the tool will keep you up-to-date with these search trends so you can see any changes as they develop.

Google says the tool is designed to help you refine your keyword strategy and improve your lists of negative keywords for added relevancy.

Here’s what the AdWords team had to say in the announcement:

“Quickly act on rising search trends with the new Searches card. See which words your customers are using to search for you on, and refine your keywords for better performance. For example, create a new ad group and add keywords based on rising trends, or add negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches. The Searches card is available on the Overview page in the new AdWords experience.” – AdWords, Google+

If you’ve already got the new AdWords interface, you may have seen this tool over the past month as it gradually rolled out. For those who don’t have the new AdWords interface yet, you’ll have to wait until it fully rolls out in your country before you’ll see the Searches card tool in your dashboard.

That’s all we’ve got for today but check back in again with us soon for more AdWords news and tips!