Google is testing a new format for sitelinks in Search Ads. Assuming the new format rolls out, you’ll soon be able to use as many as eight sitelinks to text ads in Google Search. The first clue we had was changes to the documentation for sitelinks over at AdWords Help. And now we’re starting to see screen captures of the new format posted on social media.

All of this comes after Google recently announced changes to how it presents sitelinks on text ads for mobile users. So let’s take a look at what we know about the latest changes to how sitelinks appear on your ads.


Double sitelinks

Earlier this month, we got a preview of what sitelinks will look like for mobile users going forward.

So now mobile users can scroll across a horizontal list of clickable sitelinks on mobile devices. What we didn’t notice at the time, though, was that the number of sitelinks you can add to text ads has also increased – doubled, in fact.

With this in mind, the sitelink redesign makes a lot more sense. After all, it’s not that challenging to fit four sitelinks on a mobile ad and it’s probably more intuitive to have them all visible at the same time. However, squeezing eight sitelinks into a text ad is another matter altogether but the new mobile format makes easy work of this.

Upon checking the documentation for sitelinks, we noticed it had been updated to confirm the increase. However, the same age says text ads on computers will show between 2-6 sitelinks in the usual format. But it seems Google could be testing out a new alternative to this as well.


This Tweet from Tauqeer Aziz appears to show eight sitelinks on a desktop search. As Google states, only six appear in view but a More button allows users to click and reveal another two sitelinks.

We’re seeing similar things ourselves now, too. Here’s the top ad from a search for web hosting with four sitelinks in view and the same More button:

One click of the More button and, sure enough, we see another four sitelinks in a popup box.

We haven’t seen any announcement from Google about this format so we suspect it’s still testing it for now. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments as we find out about them, of course.


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