Google has submitted a plan to EU regulators, outlining the changes it will make to Google Shopping, following its recent antitrust case. The search giant was fined a massive $2.7 billion fine after the EU ruled it unfairly favours its own shopping service over rivals.

Google faces daily fines if it fails to comply with Europe’s demands by September 28. Which means it’s going to be an interesting month ahead for the guys in charge at Google Shopping.

Changes ahead for Google Shopping

Google had until Tuesday to submit a plan to regulators who will now assess the proposed changes. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the plan was submitted on time but no further comments have been made at this point.

The EU now has a month to decide whether the proposed changes are enough.

Meanwhile, a global coalition of tech and media companies – known as ICOMP – is calling for Google’s proposal to be made public and for the EU to release details over how the tech giant breached antitrust laws.

More fines likely for Google

If Google’s proposal meets regulators’ expectations, it should be able to avoid further fines over its shopping service, However, the EU is expected to hit Google with fines in other antitrust cases – starting with the ongoing case over Android. Those fines could be levied as soon as next month, according to reports.

There’s also an ongoing antitrust into AdSense and the UEs antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, says there could be further probes into Google’s travel and maps services.

Of course, it’s too early to speculate what kind of changes will be coming to Google services over the coming years. But advertisers will be keeping a keen eye on how this affects Google’s power as an advertising platform and whether opens up more room for competition with other channels.

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