Facebook is adding publisher logos to news listings in its Trending News feed and user search results. It’s the latest move by the social network to help tackle fake news and keep publishers happy about paying up for ads on the network.

Both Facebook and Google are making moves to keep publishers onside and fight the phenomenon of fake news. Facebook hopes that adding publisher logos will help users choose stories from trusted sources and increase the appeal for publishers using the network to promote their content.

Publisher logos come to news on Facebook

The first issue Facebook aims to tackle with publisher logos is users clicking on fake news. There’s a limit to how much the network can do on its own, though. Users are advised to check the source of news stories and choose reputable publishers whenever possible. Placing publisher logos on news results will make it easier for users to know where their news is coming from.

For the publishers, this will make it more difficult for illegitimate sources to promote fake news stories.

Of course, the losers in this situation are the smaller, legitimate publishers. Without the reputation of the Guardian or Al Jazeera, these logos could make it increasingly difficult for the smaller publications to get readers, no matter how accurate their stories may be.

Getting your logo on Facebook new results

If your content strategy has any news or editorial elements, you can easily add your logo to Facebook through the new Brand Asset Library, which you’ll find under Publishing Tools.

You’ll need to upload three different versions of your logo: one in colour and two inverse black and white versions (as shown above). You’ll also want to make sure your logos are in PNG format with a transparent background, where necessary. For more info on how to create and upload your logos, you can visit this Facebook Business page for instructions.

If you’re affected by this new Facebook feature, chances are you’ll be one of the smaller publishers that could lose out early on. There’s no need to panic, though. Concentrate on reaching your target audience (Facebook is very good for this) and publishing consistently accurate news stories. You’ll soon develop a reputation as a reliable source among the people that really matter.