As the nature of data collection and ad targeting falls increasingly under the spotlight, Google is making another move to give users more power over the ads they see online. We’re talking about ads on the Display Network here, which users see as they browse the web. Google has allowed users to report individual ads for some time, blocking them from their view and providing feedback on why they no longer want to see it.

Now, Google is adding another option to the list of feedback options: “Ad knew too much”. Which means users who feel the message in an ad is a little too personal will now be able to report the ad and no longer see it across their accounts or devices.

‘Ad knew too much’

Google hasn’t released any statement about the new ad reporting option, but users are starting to report seeing it across the web. One Reddit user pointed out the new feedback option earlier this week:

Source: ultimatemanan97, Reddit

We’re not seeing this option when we click to report display ads but others appear to have spotted the new addition, too.

Source: Mashable


The new reporting option will be a welcome addition to users who feel creed out by personalised ads. However, there’s nothing to suggest Google will use this feedback to stop users from seeing other similarly personalised ads.

Some users aren’t convinced

Not everyone is convinced Google’s intentions are so genuine with the new reporting option. Some Reddit users are calling out the tech giant that recently ditched its “don’t be evil” slogan.

“I see this and it’s brilliantly evil,” writes SsurebreC. “If you click this option, you’re confirming to Google that the ad was absolutely on point and to not only continue to serve ads similar to this but to validate the data they have as legitimate.”

In times when targeting options are coming under question in terms of ethics and accuracy, could Google quietly be asking users to confirm the quality of its ad personalisation?