Advertisers can finally use ad extensions with call-only ads in AdWords. Until now, ad extensions haven’t been an option with the call-only ad format – but Google is has put an end to that.

Three ad extensions are now rolling out for call-only ads: location, callout and structured snippet extensions. And, if you’ve already got these ad extensions set up ay the account level, you won’t need to do anything. They’ll automatically be eligible to appear in your call-only ads.

Here’s a sneak peak at what they’ll look like.

Ad extensions come to call-only ads

Google says early experiments with ad extensions on call-only ads have improved click through rates by an average of 10%. The GIF above gives you an idea of what your call-only ads will look like with the three available ad extensions and there aren’t any surprises visually.

Your options are:

  • Location extensions: Which tell users how close you are to them and basic address info – ideal for local users you want to welcome through the door.
  • Callout extensions: Space to promote unique selling points like 24-hr service, free delivery, etc.
  • Structured snippets: Provide additional info about your products or services (eg: Destinations, Types, etc.)

You can also tailor these ad extensions at the account-level, to make them more suitable for call-only ads. For example, if you offer a discount for people who call up right away and place an order want to promote your 24-hr customer service. Which is a nice touch considering these ads are designed to generate calls, rather website visits.

Chances are your call-only ads will already be eligible for ad extensions but they are still rolling out across accounts. As always, you can get in touch with our team on social, via email or over the phone if you want more info on ad extensions or how to use them more effectively.