Google tells us that shoppers are more empowered than ever, thanks to a world of information available on mobile at any time. Consumers are spending more time researching their purchases with every year that passes – including an 80% increase in Black Friday related searches in the last two years alone.

So buyers are looking to make more informed buying choices and Google is tailoring its ad formats to meet these demands. And it’s also offering up three tips on how to reach these empowered holiday shoppers this Christmas.


#1: Use Showcase Shopping ads

Google’s first tip is to use Showcase Shopping ads “to inspire people with your brand’s lifestyle imagery and curated product selection.” Showcase Shopping ads appear for more general product queries like “shoes”. This gives you the chance to promote a selection of products that showcase your brand and generate interest to get people clicking through to your site.

Essentially, these ads are like the window displays in brick-and-mortar stores, designed to get people walking in through the door.


#2: Implement Merchant Promotions

Next, Google suggests implementing Merchant Promotions so you can reach out to online shoppers about new deals. Once you’ve submitted a product feed to Google Merchant Center, you can create promotions for specific products. You can offer discounts, free gifts or shipping offers and a Special offer tag will appear on your product listing, as you can see above.

Users can click to get more info on your offer, which show in a popup box. The idea is to make your product listings stand out, increase engagement with your ads, generate higher click through rates and ultimately boost conversions.

You can find out more about implementing Merchant Promotions by visiting Google Merchant Center Help.


#3: Set up local inventory ads

Finally, Google says you should set up local inventory ads to draw nearby customers as Christmas day approaches. The idea is to show people that you have the products they’re looking for in stock, at a location close to them. This can be increasingly important as time runs out for shoppers to get their hands on essential purchases before the shops shut for Christmas.

Don’t mistake this as only being important for Christmas presents; there’s a long list of essentials people need for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Things are bound to be forgotten and there are always those last minute dashes to get something important. Use local inventory ads to show shoppers you have what they need in a convenient location nearby.


As Google says, the majority of Christmas purchases now start with some kind of search – mostly on mobile.


“Once shoppers have done their research, they’re shifting their focus to the best way to go about crossing off gifts on their lists—whether that’s in store or online. We see mobile searches for “where to buy” (e.g. “where to buy ugly christmas sweaters” and “where to buy gift boxes”) grew more than 85% over the past two years.” Inside AdWords


So make the most of these ad formats and features designed to connect you with people on the lookout for festive goods. Showcase Shopping ads provide a channel for introducing people to your brand and its products. Merchant Promotions help you capture people’s attention with special deals that make your products stand out. And local inventory ads tell customers you’ve got what they want when it matters most.