Google is getting ready for the holiday season by rolling out two new ad features to help people discover your brand and its products this Christmas. The search giant has announced Shoppable Image ads and video in Showcase Shopping Ads for the festive period – so now is the time to get to grips with these new additions.

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on with these new Google Ads features and how you might want to use them for the upcoming festive campaign.


Inspire shoppers with Shoppable Image ads

            Source: Google Ads Blog


First, we’ve got Shoppable Image ads, which are going to help you tap into all those Christmas shoppers turning to Google Images for gift ideas. There are two places where these ads can appear: Google Image searches and third-party publisher sites that partner with Google. Which means your product ads cam show for users as they hit Google Images for gift ideas but also on websites after they click through to articles and blogs featuring inspiration and buying advice.

As Google says: “One-third of holiday shoppers said they searched for images before they went in-store to shop. The growth of “street style” and online influencers all show the movement towards looking at lifestyle images for visual inspiration.”

This doesn’t only apply to Christmas shoppers either, of course. The search giant says more than a third of consumers routinely turn to Google Images to look for new products, bringing them into contact with brands and purchase ideas they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Google wants to enhance this experience for shoppers and help retailers make the most of the opportunity it provides – precisely the idea behind Shopping Image ads. These work particularly well for products where visual appearance is important: clothing, jewellery, home furnishings and other items where design is more important than product features or specs.

That said, there are plenty of performance products where people still turn to Google Images for ideas and comparison, such as cars or smartphones. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities for performance products where visuals matter too, such as smartphones and cars – especially for users who are reading reviews on publisher sites when they see your ad.


Reach new prospects with video in Showcase Shopping ads

Last year, Google unveiled Showcase Shopping ads that allow you to show a range of products related to user searches, rather than targeting them with single products. This is ideal for shoppers who are looking to buy a new pair of shoes but haven’t decided about brands, colours or other specifics.

These are for people essentially looking to browse a product category in the hope that something will jump out at them.

Now, Google is taking this ad format one giant leap further by allowing you to place videos in your Showcase Shopping ads.


            Source: Google Ads Blog


This is Google’s first retail ad format to feature video but the search giant is convinced this is going to help you engage shoppers more effectively and help your brand stand out from the competition for people looking to discover new products.


“When it comes to finding new products and narrowing down their choices, nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas for their next purchases, and over 90 percent of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.” – Surojit Chatterjee, Director of Product Management at Google Shopping


Google says Showcase has achieved 3.6X higher than average CTRs since it debuted at the end of last year and it expects even better performance with video in Showcase Shopping ads. We’re optimistic about this feature, too, and especially excited to see what brands can achieve over the Christmas period when feel-good video footage is so powerful.