Hot Click Marketing – marketing solutions for real sales because we understand Our Success Depends On Yours.

We’re a specialist Pay Per Click marketing agency based in Manchester. When we began we made a decision to put our customers first and help them achieve the best possible result from their online marketing using our years of knowledge, experience and expertise.

We’re proud of the great relationships we have with our clients and we often get told ‘You’re not what we expected’. To which we respond ‘Good!’ our honesty is one of the reasons we are the business we are today, we won’t simply fritter your money away and if we don’t think something will work we will tell you.

At the end of the day your time is too precious to waste as is ours, we know our success is directly connected with the success of our clients. We take great pride in our high level of customer service and are always open to feedback, in an attempt to constantly improve our services.

So if you want a straight forward friendly pay per click experts then get in touch today!


About Us
About Us


Growing your business is our primary focus

We’re not salespeople. In fact, we don’t employ any salespeople at all. All of our business comes from our reputation and word of mouth . If we aren’t absolutely confident we can provide a good ROI, we won’t work with you.

Our work speaks for itself which is why we won’t tie you down into any contracts. We prefer to keep working with you by providing you with results. We only want to work with companies who are our clients because they want to be and not because a piece of paper says they have to be.

Our transparent, straight talking, customer focused attitude is what makes us different. Our strategy has always been, and will always be to focus on our customers and their needs . So if you want a straight forward friendly pay per click experts then get in touch today!