AdWords Remarketing

AdWords remarketing gives you another chance to convert people who don’t buy after clicking your ads. Most websites fail to convert more than 2% of visitors, which leaves 98% walking out the door. That’s a scary stat when you think roughly 98% of the clicks you pay for generate no ROI whatsoever.

Unless you master the art of AdWords remarketing, of course.

Remarketing shows image ads to users who don’t convert, increasing your chances of making the sale as time passes. Which means you can increase your overall conversion rates and ROI by reducing that scary 98% into a much smaller figure.



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Just because someone doesn’t buy your product during the first visit, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. They could be price checking, comparing products or simply window shopping. Whatever it is, they’ve shown an active interest in what you’re selling and that means you still have a lead to work with.

Remarketing plays on this initial interest to increase your chances of turning these people into paying customers. This is particularly effective on the following types of consumer:

  • People who visit a specific product page
  • Users who put items in their shopping cart but exit before paying
  • People who are still unsure about buying a specific product
  • People who probably will buy a product but might get it from somewhere else
Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads/Bing Ads

Getting the most out of your Pay Per Click can take years of experience. As a Google Premier Partner and Bing accredited agency, Hot Click Marketing has the knowledge & expertise to help you get the most out of your ppc.

With over 10 years experience and millions of pounds of spend managed, we're confident we can increase your conversion rates and boost your ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

AdWords Shopping Ads turn Google into your own product catalogue for people looking to make that next purchase. Built specifically for retailers, shopping ads are designed to increase traffic from the people most likely to buy the products they see.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising allows you over 90% of global internet users and target people who’ve already been on your site, searched for products in your industry or even visited your competitors on a regular basis. Whether you want to build brand awareness recapture lost visitors or reach new ones, We will build you a successful display campaign to make sure you get the best return on investment.


By creating remarketing ads for each type of user like this, drastic things can happen to your conversion rates. This has a knock-on effect across your entire marketing efforts. Not only are you selling more products but you’re also paying less for each sale – all of which adds up to greater ROI and increased profits. This is why so many advertisers consider remarketing as an essential element of any successful AdWords account.

Our goal with AdWords remarketing is to stop genuine leads getting away from you. By keeping people’s interest alive and reminding them about your brand/products as they browse the web, we can bring more visitors back to your website to close the deal.

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